STARS-289 Reducing Mosaic While My Girlfriend Was Away, My Pranks-Loving

Mai, one of my undergraduate students, performs the same part-time occupation. At the part-time job, her best friend Hikari was also employed, and the three of them got along well even in private. We made the decision to host a takoyaki party at Mai and I’s shared home one day. Hikari, who loves to cause trouble, asked me to over the line once the octopus was entirely covered in muck. – Uncensored Leaked

Description: STARS-289 English Subbed While My Girlfriend Was Away, My Pranks-Loving Co-Worker At My Part-Time Job Came For Me With A Smile Hikari Aozora

Categories: Beautiful Girl, Cuckold, Drama, Solowork

Actress: Aozora Hikari

Actor: POV, Shinya Matsuyama

Studio: STARS

Date: March 21, 2023