JUL-826 Eng Sub Madonna Affair trip named business trip Nao Jinguji

Nao and Ippei, who work in the same office, have an affair in which they steal each other’s gaze and covertly seek each other’s bodies. The two who had families and couldn’t freely meet shared the same urge. “I want to forget everything and spend all of my time in SEX.” I prepared an affair vacation dubbed a business trip a few months ago to make such a dream come true. The two then met at the station, changed from suits to ordinary clothes, took the limited express train, and scrambled for their lips when they got to the inn.

Release date: 2022-01-07
Code: JUL-826
Actress: Nao Jinguji
Actor: 中田一平
Genre: Mature Woman, Wife, Big Breasts, Individual, Hot Spring, Creampie, Slim Pixelated, Hd
Series: 出張という名の不倫旅行
Maker: Madonna
Director: 豆沢豆太郎
Label: Madonna
Date: March 17, 2023
Actors: Nao Jinguji