APNS-212 Eng Sub Endless Breeding – Summer Vacation Of Lust

Description: APNS-212 (English Subbed) Hirai, a manager of an inn in a hot spring area, spends his days lazily without making any management efforts, regardless of Nakai’s value. He has consumed the legacy of his predecessor, but has reached his limit and has recently been threatened by debt collectors. One day, a student named Mio and Nana arrive at a part-time job that doubles as an internship. Kudo, a debt collector who was aware of the circumstances, made a despicable proposal. It was something that could make people fall into a sexual companion.

Categories: 3P, 4P, Creampie, Drama, Facials, School Girls, English Subbed

Actress: Hinata Mio, Maeno Nana

Studio: Aurora Project Annex

Date: January 13, 2024