STARS-265 Reducing Mosaic Suzu Honjo; I Had a condom With Me

I just went to one room with my employees, so perhaps I became weak toward the conclusion of the business trip. I mock my subordinate’s virginity and leave my illness to it, but… I had to ask such a subordinate to err once, but it was a virgin like no other! There is already no rubber for my partner. A startling conclusion to the 10 vaginal cum shots! !!

Description: [STARS-265] English Subbed Suzu Honjo: I Had a condom With Me (For My Boyfriend) In A Shared Room With A Virgin Boy Subordinate On A Business Trip… And using just the one… But he Excited And Creampied Me 10 Times

Categories: OL, Creampie, Solowork, Drama, Cuckold

Actress: Honjou Suzu

Actor: Yuki Yudzuru

Studio: STARS

Date: March 20, 2023