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MIAB-110 Eng Sub My Big Brother gets daily French kissing lessons from a college student tutor

Summary: [Adolescent Sister Who Awakened to Kissing Develops into Salivating Slut…] Hikaru watches her brother kiss his college tutor. As the days passed, I couldn’t contain my excitement as my brother’s kissing skills developed, and I began to think strongly, ”I want to kiss like that too. Go right up to your brother and demand a kiss! However, due to the younger sister’s frequent temptations, the elder brother’s sexual desire cannot be satisfied by a simple kiss. The whole house is covered in saliva, and the situation has escalated into incest! They interlock while kissing passionately! Your skill has evolved into a highly seductive mouth that will make your brother’s dick and lips all the more attractive!

Description: MIAB-110, My Big Brother, gets daily French kissing lessons from a college student tutor. I (my sister) also begged for a French kiss. – Minasuki Hikaru, Tsuzaki Ayame.

Categories: Beautiful Girl, Kiss, School Girls, Sister, Slut, English Subbed

Actress: Minasuki Hikaru, Tsuzaki Ayame

Studio: MOODYZ

Date: February 22, 2024