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JUQ-604 Eng Sub Married Woman the Chiropractor Who Lives Next Door Engages in Close Intercourse With Her Lips

Summary: A married woman who has been with her husband for ten years and is experiencing a strained relationship? Rena. Their relationship deteriorates after her husband fails to make dinner arrangements for their anniversary. Rena’s only source of comfort in her desperate situation is Ozawa, the chiropractor who lives next door. Listening to her husband’s complaints during the massage makes her feel lighter, and each time Rena is touched by Ozawa’s strong and soft hands, she is reminded of the joys of womanhood. Her body becomes so heated that she loses her sense of guilt, and as a man, she desires Ozawa and engages in close intercourse with her lips and legs.

ID: JUQ-604
Release Date: 2024-03-12
Length: 120 min(s)
Director: Mishima Rokusaburo  
Maker: Madonna  
Label: Madonna  
Genre(s): Creampie, Solowork, Big Tits, Married Woman, Affair, Mature Woman
Cast: Fukiishi Rena, Masaki Misato 
Date: March 14, 2024