JUE-013 A widowed mother living in a country town snack bar

A tale about a luncheon during the conclusion of the Showa period. Shuri was working as a snack mom thanks to the contacts of an acquaintance. She did, however, have obligations left by her late husband, and the majority of the money went to debt collectors. Juri’s residence was visited by a debt collector one day. Juri is roughly pushed down by the debt collector. A booze store that happened to be nearby was checking into it. The next day, a liquor shop arrives at the pub, and Shuri succumbs to her threats and has sex. At that point, a client, Sanada, confesses to him…

[JUE-013] A widowed mother living in a country town snack bar… A sensual story of swirling lust… Payment to a debt collector… Tamari Yamaguchi

ID: JUE-013

Release Date: 2023-05-23

Length: 120 min(s)

Date: May 24, 2023
Actors: Yamaguchi Syuri