FSDSS-099 Reducing Mosaic My Cousin Returned To Our Hometown

After a lengthy absence, my cousin Nene came home and stayed with me. She became an adult woman in the city at that time and was secretly in love with me. I unconsciously sense a woman in the melting heat with barely visible white skin, and even though I know it is pointless, it is a prohibited relationship. I continued to hide out with my folks for three days while looking for pleasure.

Description: FSDSS-099 English Subbed My Cousin Returned To Our Hometown, And For Three Midsummer Days, We Sank Into Sexual Pleasures Nene Yoshitaka

Categories: Blow, Friend, Drama, Solowork

Actress: Yoshitaka Nene

Actor: Muscle Sawano

Studio: FSDSS

Date: March 20, 2023